Cryotherapy with the Cryo 5 cooling system

Cryotherapy is used in physiotherapy, particularly to control inflammation, swelling and pain. Short-term cooling can also be used to relax muscles before stretching. Cryotherapy is generally carried out using ice or gel packs, water, spray or gel. Cooling by Cryo 5 is accomplished by blowing cold air (-30 °C) by means of a hose and nozzles of different sizes. The advantages of Cryo 5 cooling system are a fast treatment effect and an accurate distribution of cooling.

Cryo 5 treatment is excellent for e.g. cooling off muscle tissue after a massage with metallic Graston instruments. Cryo 5 also suits well as a pre-treatment before a manual therapy. In this case a “cold shock” is produced by blowing cold air for only a few seconds.

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