Shoulder mobilization with Mulligan concept

Physiotherapy is used to maintain or improve physical condition or prevent disorders around it. Physiotherapy starts with evaluation, examination and setting physiotherapeutic goals followed by physiotherapeutic intervention. For problems in upper- or lower extremity, I always use ultrasound as a diagnostic tool.

The physiotherapy methods are chosen individually, taking also patient’s wishes into consideration. This helps to implement the treatment at home too. The sport massage course I studied before physiotherapy education has encouraged me to specialize in manual therapy courses. Furthermore I often use LPG vacuum massage for pain, swelling or tightness.

In musculoskeletal problems, the exercise therapy is especially essential and for that I am willing to give instructions. To analyse or train movement control, I often use the Kinetic Control® concept. I gladly tell about the disorders and their background according to my own knowledge and patient’s interest.

Physiotherapy services (treatment methods)

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