In spite of current situation, I work normal way. I use a face mask and take care of extra cleaning.

Esaote training day

I attented a Esaote training day, where technical use of Sigma and Omega models was gone thorough by a product specialist from Esaote. The course was hosted by DJO Nordic.

Venous ultrasound

I attended a venous ultraoud imaging course, which was hosted by Wessex Diagnostic. The course gave a tool to examine e.g. a deep venous thrombosis, which is a contra indication for massage therapy and reason for sending the patient to doctor for diagnosis.

ESSR musculoskeletal US course

I attented ESSR Musculoskeletal US outreach course. The 3-day course included theory and lots of practise in small groups.



Topic of Martinoli´s ultrasound course in MUST-2 was “distal arm”, from elbow to fingers.


Martinoli continued ultrasound teaching with MUST-3 course, with topic of ”ultrasound of the distal leg”. The topic of pre course was ”ultrasound of the plantar aspect of the foot”


I participated Carlo Martinoli`s ultrasound course (MUST1). The content of the course was shoulder, hip and nerves around the neck and shoulder. Carlo Martinoli is an italian radiologist who has written the book ” Ultrasound of the Musculoskeletal System” together with Sterano Bianchi. The book is the most significant book about MSK ultrasound.

MUSoc 2017

I attented MUSoc 2017 congress, which is annual congress hosted by the Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society. The four day program included approximately 60 lectures and demonstrations from famous radiologists, like Jon Jacobson, Marnix van Holsbeeck and Carlo Martinoli.

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