I started to work also in Mehiläinen. I work on Mondays (part time) in Nokia and Tuesdays in Kauppi. As for shockwave treatment, I use radial device in Nokia and foculsed shockwave in Kauppi. I also work with LPG in Kauppi. Appointments through Mehiläinen web page.


In spite of current situation, I work normal way. I use a face mask and take care of extra cleaning.

Esaote training day

I attented a Esaote training day, where technical use of Sigma and Omega models was gone thorough by a product specialist from Esaote. The course was hosted by DJO Nordic.

Venous ultrasound

I attended a venous ultraoud imaging course, which was hosted by Wessex Diagnostic. The course gave a tool to examine e.g. a deep venous thrombosis, which is a contra indication for massage therapy and reason for sending the patient to doctor for diagnosis.

ESSR musculoskeletal US course

I attented ESSR Musculoskeletal US outreach course. The 3-day course included theory and lots of practise in small groups.



Topic of Martinoli´s ultrasound course in MUST-2 was “distal arm”, from elbow to fingers.


Martinoli continued ultrasound teaching with MUST-3 course, with topic of ”ultrasound of the distal leg”. The topic of pre course was ”ultrasound of the plantar aspect of the foot”


I participated Carlo Martinoli`s ultrasound course (MUST1). The content of the course was shoulder, hip and nerves around the neck and shoulder. Carlo Martinoli is an italian radiologist who has written the book ” Ultrasound of the Musculoskeletal System” together with Sterano Bianchi. The book is the most significant book about MSK ultrasound.

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